About Kelvin Garcia

Kelvin Garcia is a former law enforcement officer, and proud Democrat. After graduating from Roger Williams University in 2008, Kelvin served as a police officer with Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department for eleven (11) years. 

As a police officer, Kelvin continued to pursue his passion for public service by attending Virginia Tech University and graduating with a Master’s in Public Administration in 2012. Finally, Kelvin attended the University of the District of Columbia David A Clarke School of Law and graduated in 2020. He is currently a law clerk with a firm providing immigration and criminal services.

Kelvin’s time as a police officer and learning the intricacies of our legal system showed him that our community is not truly serving justice. As Sheriff, Kelvin seeks to be a beacon of hope for those who have been failed by our judicial system for too long. As Sheriff, Kelvin is committed to breaking the cycle of Incarceration and improving court services for currently incarcerated individuals. He will also provide inmates help in finding jobs, housing assistance, and rehabilitation services to help individuals find a positive path forward. Kelvin believes in the value of safe communities and is dedicated to strengthen our society. 

As Sheriff, Kelvin will demonstrate strong dedication to serving individuals in the jail system through investment in mental health resources, fostering relationships with county leaders and organizations, and prioritizing staff training. Recognizing the prevalence of mental health and substance use disorders among inmates, he  looks to implement every Sheriff to be a Crisis Intervention Officer (CIO), which will help individuals dealing with a mental health crisis. 

Kelvin Garcia understands the value of safe communities. They bring people together. When neighbors feel safe, they enjoy the world. They form the connections that strengthen our society by going to concerts, bowling, and walking through our parks. We need a sheriff who loves our county, and will fight to keep us safe. That’s Kelvin Garcia.

Together, Kelvin believes we can create a more just judicial system and form a stronger community for everyone in Fairfax County.