Kelvin's Priorities

Invest in community solutions to crime

Community Policing is one the most important things that a police agency can do. Create initiatives such as the Neighborhood Support Team (NST) and Park, Walk and Talk initiatives that would strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the vibrant and diverse communities FFX County Sheriffs serve.

Invest in reentry support programs

Provide job training & placement, housing assistance, and rehabilitation programs to build a more positive path after incarceration.

Fighting recidivism

Break the revolving door of the criminal justice system. Too often, people return to the exact same circumstances that led them to commit crimes in the first place. Kelvin will fight to reshape those conditions into positive influences.   

Improving Court Services

Collaborating with Supervised Release Services for  better pre-trial support systems. 

Non-cooperation policy with ICE

Fairfax is proud to be a Sanctuary County and that immigrant families choose to live here and Kelvin will protect their rights to be peaceful members of our community. All of our citizens are important parts of our society and should not have their families torn apart.